Sempra’s 15th annual corporate sustainability report

25 years advancing sustainable business practices

Sustainable business practices are central to our mission to be North America’s premier energy infrastructure company.

Letter from our chairman and CEO

“This year marks Sempra’s 25th anniversary—a milestone we approach with optimism as we harness the power of 20,000 talented employees to help meet the growing demand for safe, reliable and cleaner energy.”
Jeffrey W. Martin
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Jeffrey W. Martin Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Sustainable business practices | Goals + KPIs

We align our sustainability goals and key environmental, social and governance performance indicators across four pillars.

Growth platforms

Sempra’s three growth platforms — Sempra California, Sempra Texas and Sempra Infrastructure — are building the infrastructure that delivers electricity and cleaner fuels to some of North America’s leading economies. Together, these growth platforms serve a common purpose of helping to meet the world’s expanding decarbonization and energy security goals.

Sempra California Workers Meeting

Sempra California

Sempra Texas

Sempra Texas

Sempra Worker

Sempra Infrastructure

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